This website represents the contribution of the City of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division to the centenary celebrations of Finnish independence. The Urban Environment Division is responsible for maintaining the public environment in Helsinki, including its memorials. This website is part of the official SuomiFinland 100 programme and has been made possible with support by the SuomiFinland100 organisation.

Short films

The short films have been produced by Telling Company Oy. The screenplays are by Tomi Leino, who also directed the films. The cameraman and assistant director was Jarkko T. Laine. Mari Vaalasranta was responsible for makeup, Henri Rättäri for sound design and Antti Perälä for editing. The production manager was Eveliina Liias.


Ståhlberg — Robert Enckell (filmed at the University of Helsinki’s Main Building)
Relander — Paul Holländer (filmed at the City of Helsinki’s Winter Garden)
Svinhufvud — Risto Aaltonen (filmed at the House of the Estates)
Kallio — Jarmo Koski (filmed in the Presidential Waiting Room at the Central Railway Station)
Ryti — Jan-Christian Söderholm (filmed in the Museum Cell of Sörnäinen Prison)
Mannerheim — Carl-Kristian Rundman (filmed at Hakasalmi Villa)
Paasikivi — Sixten Lundberg (filmed in the Jaeger Room of Ostrobotnia Building)
Kekkonen — Antti Pääkkönen (filmed in the Main Auditorium of Finlandia Hall)


The primary sources of information for the short biographies and film scripts were the National Biography of Finland and a history of the Republic of Finland by Professor Henrik Meinander (“Tasavallan tiellä: Suomi kansalaissodasta 2010-luvulle”), who also approved the texts.

The texts were translated into Swedish by Staffan Högnäs and into English by Edward Crockford. The audio files were recorded by Tapio Antere. The narrators were Elina Nummi and Roy Koto (Finnish), Tomas Palmgren (Swedish) and Stina Halmetoja (English).

The biographies were compiled by Elina Nummi, Project Manager at the Helsinki City Public Works Department. Further information: or +358 50 388 1410.


The graphic design and technical implementation of this website, as well as the design of the plaques by the memorials, are by WRKSHP Viapori Oy.

Image sources

Ståhlberg 1919 National Board of Antiquities
Relander undated, National Board of Antiquities
Svinhufvud 1933 Aarne Pietinen, National Board of Antiquities
Kallio 1937 Tenhovaara, National Board of Antiquities
Ryti 1940–1944 National Board of Antiquities
Mannerheim 1941 Aarne Pietinen, National Board of Antiquities
Paasikivi 1945 F.E. Fremling, National Board of Antiquities
Kekkonen 1970 Kuvasiskot, National Board of Antiquities
Koivisto undated, Helsinki University Museum
Ahtisaari 1994 The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Halonen 2000 Jorma Komulainen, The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Niinistö 2012 The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland